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Where do you source your ingredients?

We find them online, from wholesalers, on the high street, or - when possible - from within SE19 itself, thanks to the Patchwork Farm initiative. Wherever we find them, we aim to buy responsibly.


Where do you make your cakes?

We make everything by hand in our Crystal Palace kitchen, where we’ve been making our products for sale since 2012.


Who makes your cakes?

We do. Joe Brett and Matt Bailey. So exactly what it says on the (cake) tin.


Why don’t you offer your full range online?

We prefer to offer a seasonal range. Not just for the variety, but we try and minimise our use of imported ingredients. This is why you’ll see an increase in fresh berries on our menu in the summer, and plenty of pears and plums in the autumn. Obviously, not everything we like to use grows very well over here - such as peaches, passion fruit, or cranberries - but if we can find things that are grown within the UK (or, better still, within SE19) instead of somewhere else in the world, then we’ll make the most of them while we can.


But why don’t you offer sticky buns?

Our sticky buns are baked in batches of 20 - and as yet, nobody has managed to put away that many at once! Also, these are best consumed within 24 hours of them coming out of the oven. They freeze beautifully, though, so feel free to stock up on a few extra next time you see us.


Can I order a smaller cake than 9”?

Sorry! At Brett & Bailey, all our orders are freshly-baked from scratch. Unlike some other bakeries, we don’t keep freezers full of frozen sponges ready to decorate at a moment’s notice. As we’re a small-scale operation, it currently doesn’t make sense for us to offer cakes that aren’t of a standard size. Also, the larger the cake, the better value it is for you.


Can I order a larger cake than 10”?

Of course. Please call 020 8144 8414 to discuss your requirements, or send us a message.


Can I buy cakes by the slice online, or order half a batch of brownies?

Sorry! In order to maximise quality and minimise wastage, all our cakes and bakes are made to order. This guarantees that you’ll get a fresh product - not leftovers from another order - and it means that nothing goes to waste. However, you can buy cakes by the slice at our market stall.


Do you sell your cakes wholesale?

Sorry, we do not currently offer wholesale prices on our products.


Do you make any gluten-free cakes?

We make several cakes without wheat, or other flours that contain gluten. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the online shop, then send us a message. Please be advised however that we do not run a 100% gluten-free kitchen, and cannot guarantee that any order will be free from traces of gluten.


Do you publish allergen information?

Yes. Allergen information is listed on each individual product page. While we're always happy to take commissions for products that are free from wheat, dairy or nuts, please note that they are baked in an environment in which the following allergens are handled: gluten, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, egg, milk, soya, sulphites, celery, seafood.


What is the cut-off time for ordering online?

We ask you to please order a minimum of four days before delivery is due. This gives us enough time to source any necessary ingredients that we may not immediately have in stock, as well as time to bake your cake and finish it to the usual high Brett & Bailey standard.


Can I collect my order from you?

Yes! If we are trading at a market on the day you’d like to collect your cake, you can collect it from us at our stall. Just choose the collection option during checkout and select the stall you'd like to collect from. If you'd like to receive your cake on a day when we don't have a market stall, please choose the delivery option. 


Do you charge for delivery?

You can read our full delivery terms and conditions here.


Do you deliver cakes by post?

No - our cakes are far too fragile, and wouldn’t survive the trip. We prefer to make all cake deliveries personally, which is why we have a limited distribution area. However, this guarantees that your cake will look as it should, and taste delectable too.


What is the shelf life of my order?

It depends on the order, but an expiry date will be displayed on the box. Most things will last for five days or so if stored correctly, but we recommend that cakes and cheesecakes decorated with fruit are best consumed within two to three days. If not being served on the day of delivery, we recommend keeping cakes in the fridge. Just take them out of the fridge and let them come up to room temperature for a couple of hours before serving, then refrigerate any leftovers. Cheesecakes should always be kept in the fridge. Cookies and brownies are best kept in a tin at room temperature.


I placed an order but haven’t received a confirmation email. What do I do?

Please allow a couple of hours for your email to arrive, before calling 020 8144 8414. Please also check your junk folder to make sure it hasn’t snuck into there.


I think there’s an error in my order confirmation email. What do I do?

Please call 020 8144 8414, and we’ll make sure that everything is as it should be.


Help! I need to cancel or amend my order. How do I do this?

If it’s more than 48 hours before your delivery is due, please call 020 8144 8414 to amend your order or arrange a refund. If your cake is due within 48 hours, it’s very likely that we may have already made a start on your order or bought perishable ingredients for it. If we’ve already started work on your order, we reserve the right not to offer a full refund. Please call 020 8144 8414 as soon as possible and we’ll see what we can do.


Help! I need to reschedule a delivery. How do I do this?

To reschedule a delivery, please call 020 8144 8414. Please note that we may not be able to deliver your order any earlier than originally arranged, as we may still be in the process of making it for you.


I'm still looking for an answer to my question. What should I do?

Simply drop us a line, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.